WORKSAFE Tiered Program

The TIERED program was introduced in the Spring of 2018 giving contractors the ability to accelerate the traditional WORKSAFE requirements. Each tier level has a higher degree of oversight and safety expectations that are required to the project site. The tiers are structured in such a manner to increase safety requirements by using higher levels of desired safety enhancements. Contractors can select from “Gold”, “Silver” or “Bronze” levels, of which each has certain goals of attainment. Adhering to these requirements demonstrates an advanced commitment to safety excellence and allows the site to prominently display a banner that shows the community the company’s dedication to their workforce’s health and well-being.

WORKSAFE Certified

This new program is specifically developed safety training that will enhance the knowledge base of job site supervisory personnel. To become WORKSAFE Certified, individuals will need to satisfactorily complete a 2-day training curriculum that is primarily focused on hazard awareness and mitigation.

Though this program is not meant to replace a 30-Hour OSHA class, it does provide a higher degree of focus on construction-specific safety education and training. The WORKSAFE Certification is also an important component of the new WORKSAFE Tiered Program. To qualify for an upgraded WORKSAFE Project level, one requirement may be to have representatives holding the WORKSAFE Certified credential.


WORKSAFE is the nation’s first construction safety program involving a public-private partnership.  This safety service is a customized job site safety approach, unique to each project owner and job site team.  WORKSAFE consists of pre-construction planning, job site safety audits focused on preventing hazardous conditions from occurring and job site recognition that safety is a top priority for all involved in the project.  A project must be located in Iowa in order to be eligible for the WORKSAFE program.

The following are the four key components of the WORKSAFE program:
Pre-Construction Safety Review

The process starts with a meeting held with all representatives of contractors of the WORKSAFE project.  During this meeting, hazardous activities are identified and questions are asked regarding how these hazards will be controlled.  Best practices are determined and a plan of action is developed and forwarded to all contractors on the project.  Meetings can be held via video or conference call if deemed necessary.

Job Site Safety Audits

Job site safety audits are conducted on the WORKSAFE project by CSSI Safety Consultants, as well as one visit by Iowa OSHA Consultation.  While conducting a thorough assessment of the job site, any issues that need to be corrected are addressed from a coaching perspective and all site operations that are found to be in alignment with OSHA standards are noted.  Reports are then generated and forwarded to all contractors on the site.

Project Recognition

To let the public know that the project prioritizes safety, a WORKSAFE banner is provided to display at the job site, WORKSAFE hard hat stickers are provided to all workers on the project and a press release is prepared and sent to local media outlets (optional).

Special Package Pricing

For optimal safety results, safety professionals recommend additional site visits depending on the duration of the project.  For this reason, we have developed a special discounted pricing structure that offers savings on additional site visits. This pricing structure is displayed below.

WORKSAFE Package Pricing

For optimal safety results, the safety professionals of CSSI recommend the following when selecting your WORKSAFE visits package:

Project DurationRecommended # of Site Visits
0-6 Months3 Safety Survey Visits
9 Months5 Safety Survey Visits
12 Months7 Safety Survey Visits
18 Months10 Safety Survey Visits

As a reminder, the number of safety visits will always include one visit from OSHA Consultation.

Number of Safety VisitsPrice
3 Visits$1,525
4 Visits$1,900
5 Visits$2,250
6 Visits$2,575
7 Visits$2,875
8 Visits$3,250
9 Visits$3,420
10 Visits$3,675

WORKSAFE Resources

If you have any questions regarding the WORKSAFE program, or would like to enroll a job site, please use the form below to reach one of our safety professionals.