CSSI Services

In addition to our Training On Demand and WORKSAFE programs, CSSI provides an wide array of safety services for our contractor clients. Below we highlight six ways that CSSI can assist you with your safety needs.


CSSI Safety Consultants can be retained to visit your job site once or on a regular basis.  The visit(s) can be scheduled or can be unannounced.  (However, we do encourage incorporating unannounced visits into your safety plan as a means of obtaining a “true” picture of your project.)  Our consultants will conduct a walk-through with your representatives and any issues that need to be corrected are addressed from a coaching perspective.  A report will be generated summarizing all findings and returned to the client.  Over a period of time, these reports can be used to develop measurements for your organization and to detect repeat violations that may need further conversations and/or training.


Workshop safety audits are done to determine if your company is complying with OSHA’s standards for a safe and healthy work environment.  CSSI Safety Consultants will conduct the inspection accompanied by your company representative and any other employees requested.  During this walk-through, our team will examine actual working conditions and evaluate compliance with OSHA standards, including:

  • Looking/Assessing for any condition / situation that can be expected to cause death or serious physical harm
  • Listening for employee input of alleged safety and health violations or unsafe or unhealthy working conditions
  • Evaluate ergonomics compliance for long term well-being

CSSI has created various generic safety programs that can be customized to meet your company’s needs.  Specific written programs are vital to the success of a company’s overall safety program and establish why and how policies/procedures are used to protect workers and the public from construction hazards.  No two companies are the same and your program should reflect your culture.


This service is designed for contractors whose employees perform work requiring a respirator to be worn.  CSSI Safety Consultants will address the proper usage, application and care of the respirators.  In addition, information will be provided regarding the proper fit of respirators to assure maximum protection for the employee, and assist with internal respirator program development.  Formal qualitative fit testing will be performed on employees with the respirator you have chosen.


This program is customizable and created on a client by client basis and can include surveys, training, safety program development, instructional services and much more.  We will set up a schedule that best suits each individual client, whether it be once a week, month, or even every two months. Click here to learn more about General Contractor retainer services, and click here to learn more about Specialty Contractor retainer services.   


The OSHA Construction Regulations are extensive, intricate, and can be hard to understand. The OSHA website can also be difficult to quickly find needed information.  An easy to read and understand online resource for construction-related OSHA regulations can be found here.